Areas of activity of the Foundation

Each year the Foundation selects the Program of activities:

2015 – “Education abroad: Polish and US educational institutions”.
2016 – “Attraction of investments in startups. Grant for a socially significant project”.
2017 – “Work, internship abroad: the benefits of returning to Ukraine and the CIS” and “Education for children abroad. Certification rules”.
2018 – “Development of Blockchain Technologies, Consulting on ISO and alternative types of payments”.
2019 – Implementation of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine dated June 22, 2017 “On the energy efficiency of buildings”.
2020 – Organization of activities of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and pedagogy in the activities of the operational investigative staff.
2021 – Organization of document flow for asset management companies. Training activities on the peculiarities of accounting in Ukraine and the EU. Training of specialists.
2022 – From the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the main task and purpose of the activity of the UFMMS “Leader” are to provide charitable assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence units, other military formations and citizens who have found themselves in a difficult situation due to military actions, in the form of food, medicine, military ammunition and provision of appropriate supplies of charitable aid to Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine affected by hostilities.
2023 – Implementation of the discretionary aid scheme.
Assistance is aimed at citizens of Ukraine over the age of 30 with severe disabilities and low incomes who are not able to benefit from other health insurance programs operating in Ukraine, and also have a low level of social security and personal savings to meet their long-term care needs.
Citizens of Ukraine who meet certain requirements can receive assistance as long as they are eligible and meet the conditions necessary to get benefits.

The Foundation involves to the cooperation the representatives of territorial communities in the context of discussing the need for improvement of financial mechanisms for the realization of investment activity in housing construction, in particular, on the basis of decentralization processes of powers of state authorities.

The Foundation provides advisory and educational support for better coordination of the reform process and effective communication of its goals and benefits in the field of housing construction.

In the field of construction the UFfIYC “Leader” also actively cooperates with the Building Support Foundation, which is a subsidiary of the Eberhard Schoeck Foundation (Germany) and has a residence in Kyiv. Construction as the main component of the state’s economy plays a special role in modern Ukraine.

Investment activity in housing construction and its formation and development found resonance in the works of Ye. Romanenko, V. Hurkovskyi and A. Bogdanenko: Risks of investment activity in the sphere of housing construction in Ukraine.

To the effective state regulation are devoted the works of A. Bogdanenko, which highlights the problems of theory and practice of investment-innovation processes in Ukraine, such as Research on investment and innovation activity in Ukraine: trends and problems, Development of investment activity in housing construction and its components and other.

Currently, the Foundation, together with Transparency International (TI), is researching the level of corruption in Ukraine and its nature. The Foundation participates in a legislative initiative under the Law of Ukraine On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, as amended by other Laws of Ukraine.

The Foundation is one of the initiators of support for the organization of NABU activities. It prepares for publication analytical, pedagogical, research materials.


Anatoliy Bogdanenko