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Ukraine is considered by the European Union as a country of paramount importance with enhanced innovation potential and opportunities for its implementation. Ukraine faces serious problems in both external and internal affairs, and the EU is actively and firmly supporting Ukraine in its management. Cooperation between the EU and Ukraine and EU support for Ukraine is comprehensive and includes political and economic cooperation, science, education, culture, the exchange of civil society, and much more.

In its activities, the Foundation is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Charity and Charitable Organizations” and other current legislative acts of Ukraine. The charitable activity of the Foundation is carried out on the principles of legality, humanity, the commonality of interests, equal rights of its participants, publicity, voluntariness, and self-governance.

The Foundation’s activities extend to the territory of Ukraine, where branches, branches or departments of the Foundation are established in accordance with the law.

The Foundation is not a political organization.

The Foundation is engaged in research work.

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